Thors Hammer

OpeningSummer 2013

A new, Dramatic World in 4D

Thors hammer – Storyline;

Thors Hammer-logo«On your way into the cave you discover that Thor, the god of lightning, has lost his hammer «Mjölnir» in his preparations for the Battle of Ragnarok. It is one of the other gods, Loke, that has stolen the hammer. We set out on a journey to assist Thor in getting his hammer back. Throughout the different sceneries we will encounter Loke and his offspring in all their different evil shape ... will you succeed in aiding Thor?» ...

This is an excerpt taken from one of the earliest drafts of our big new project «Thors Hammer», after a brainstorm with our dutch partner P&P Projects. The project dates back to 2008, the last year operating our old pride «Vikingtoktet» in the mountain hall at TusenFryd.

In 1995 TusenFryd opened it's own theme park called the Vikingland. A vital part in the development of this area was a giant mountain hall where the ride «Toktet» was installed. This was an elaborate multimedia-ride by the present standards, but over time this kind of attraction became unfashionable. After the 2008-season we called it quits, and «Toktet» was releived of its duty.

At the same time the process of developing a new exciting attraction for park was initiated. After a planning period extending over two years, we finally landed on a concept in collaboration with P&P Projects in the Netherlands. The goal has been to a add a type of attraction currently not present at TusenFryd. An attraction with high capacity, and at the same time utilizing the newest technology, in order to give our guests the best possible ride experience.

June 22nd 2013 you will witness the result …

Attraction name: Thors Hammer
(Alternate project name: Mjølnir)

Story inspired of norse mythology

Suppliers: P&P Projects (storyline & design)/ETF ride systems (carts)

10 projectors with specially designed 3D-graphics

Prototype carts with «simulation platform»: 360 rotation and tilt in all directions

Theoretical capacity: 1080 persons per hour

Height limitation: 120 cm (final limitation to be set after first test run)